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Vardell Curtis for St George City Council

My platform

Water is critical to the future of St.George.  Two factors must come together to better ensure the success of our community. First, both the City and its citizens can and must do better at “conservation.”  The City has and will continue to lead out by evaluating all areas of water consumption and adjusting watering cycles consistent with conservation best-practices without putting established assets in jeopardy. Second, our ongoing efforts to develop future resources must not slow down or be deterred. The Lake Powell Pipeline is a crucial component to that plan.  We must also expand our water treatment processes to create more secondary water which can be used for our parks and our cemeteries as well as other city owned properties which are enjoyed by the public.

Public Safety is also a quality of life that cannot be compromised. I fully support our Police Department and our Fire Department and believe that they must be adequately staffed and trained and given access to the resources required to perform their duties at the highest possible standard. Nobody wants to dial 911 and then wait for first responders to arrive. 

Attainable Housing is a crisis that is not unique to St.George, however, there are things we can do locally to mitigate the problems presently plaguing the country.  Responsible planning and zoning can address issues like density and design standards.  Smart Growth options and opportunities are at our fingertips. If we will be creative in the applications of these ideas and concepts, we can improve upon our current circumstances.

Transportation and Infrastructure can be stand-alone topics, but I believe if we are improving one, we should be improving both simultaneously.  As our City continues to grow and expand, we are adding stress to existing traffic patterns as well as excessively burdening infrastructure components like bridges and sewers.  Coordinated planning within the City Departments as well as any Third-party Contractors may be one solution to two concerns.

Transparency in all financial matters is an obligation the City owes to its citizens, the tax payers.  While many may not fully understand or comprehend or even care about the process, all are entitled to an opportunity to be heard.  The City has and will continue to hold public meetings where budgetary items are reviewed and discussed. 


About Vardell

My name is Vardell H Curtis and I am a candidate for the St. George City Council. I have been a St. George City resident since 1990 and my wife of nearly 43 years, Cindy Lee Curtis, and I, have raised our four children here in this community. It is our home and we love it.  I have had the honor and privilege to lead and serve in numerous organizations including the St.George Regional Hospital Governing Board, the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Dixie Sunrise Rotary Club as well as United Way Dixie and the Washington County Habitat Conservation Advisory Committee.  I have served and will continue to serve in whatever capacity my experience and expertise will provide the greatest benefit to the citizens of St.George.  Your support is important to me and I am asking for your VOTE.


M. Rick Erickson

“Honor” is a term that’s often misapplied in today’s world.  Sadly, it’s a rare commodity that far too few attach any value to.  It’s even rarer to honestly ascribe the word “honorable” to a politician or someone involved in politics.  However, in the case of Vardell Curtis, the appellation fits.  I became acquainted with Vardell in unusual and difficult circumstances during the now infamous “coin-toss debacle” of 2021 for the vacant St. George City Council seat. 

Throughout the entire mess of the coin toss affair and our subsequent campaigns for City Council, Vardell has shown himself to be a man of integrity and kindness.   When my campaign signs were vandalized, Vardell went out of his way to personally contact me to inform me of the vandalism and offered to help any way he could.  He did this not for any kind of gain or to curry favor, but because it was the right thing to do.  Some may disagree with a candidates positions on some issues, but one would be hard-pressed to find a more decent man serving in public office than Vardell.  I believe his desire to serve our community and its citizenry to be sincere and commendable. 

 In short, I have come to consider Vardell Curtis a friend and someone I’m proud to endorse for St. George City Council.

Jack Scott

I have known and served with Vardell Curtis in many different capacities over the past 20 years. I highly recommend him for St. George City Council. I base that on his ability to problem solve, his ability to work with others, and his keen insight and concern for the future of the City. He has no hidden agenda or interests that would be a conflict to his future service. I have found that he is very capable for this position.

Dave Weeks

I met Vardell Curtis many years ago when he first moved to St. George to manage the Red Cliffs Mall.  I was fortunate to be able to sell him his home.  After he left the Mall position, he applied for and received the CEO position for the Washington County Board of Realtors.  This job required managing many different personalities.  Vardell has wonderful communication skills, and is able to calmly navigate through tough and emotional conversations.  I have been the Board president twice, and have experienced his leadership expertise first hand many times, as he guided the Board of Directors and this organization through our growing pains.  I wholeheartedly trust Vardell to utilize his knowledge in directing the future of our beautiful City.  Using his people skills, his management ability, and his good sense for what will benefit all of us as residents in this wonderful community, I believe we will be in good hands.

George Graff, CPA

I have been associated professionally with Vardell Curtis for over 25 years.  During this time, I have found Vardell to be a man keenly aware of and knowledgeable about matters affecting the wellbeing of our community.  I have also observed his versatility, his consistency, his loyalty, and his dependability.  Vardell has demonstrated a solid understanding of financial matters and possesses a keen sense of accountability and responsibility to organizations he serves.  He does all of this in a personable, pleasant way that makes associating with him an enjoyable experience.

Mari Krashowetz, Executive Officer for Southern Utah Home Builders Association

Vardell Curtis is an outstanding community partner and has been key in building bridges between Home Builders and Realtors for at least 20 plus years. Vardell can take a difficult issue, view all sides, and come together with real solutions. He is a man of integrity, a great listener, a problem-solver, and not afraid to tackle difficult issues. He truly cares about people and has a strong desire to better our beautiful community. He is well-spoken and has presented the annual Housing Outlook for many years at the Economic Summit. He leads with integrity and is a friend to many. He has inspired me for many years.  Our community is a better place to live and work because of Vardell Curtis.

Naghi Zeenati, Realty Express

Southern Utah is a dynamic growth center within the State of Utah, and St. George is the focal point of this unprecedented growth. Therefore, a strong and articulate voice such as Vardell Curtis is needed on the City Council.

 I have known, worked, and travelled with Vardell for more than twenty-five years. This close personal involvement with him, has demonstrated to me how committed he is to our area and how frugal in spending public funds. Vardell has volunteered countless hours to civic and other non-profit organizations. This involvement in public service has in turn given him a great perspective of how things work in both the public and private sector. Even more importantly, Vardell has cultivated the relationships that he will need to effectively interface with State, County, and local stakeholders. Vardell is an effective communicator who has the political and common-sense interpersonal skills that will enable him to leverage his knowledge successfully in deciphering and solving complex issues facing the City and surrounding area.

 Vardell is well respected in Washington County and well known by many citizens, elected officials, and community leaders. I sincerely believe that he will be an excellent choice for the City Council position and will serve our community with his full heart.

 My wife, Louise, and I, wholeheartedly submit our recommendation and support of Vardell Curtis for City Council and would be happy to provide additional information if desired.

Terri Kane

With great enthusiasm, I choose to support Vardell Curtis to serve on our St. George City Council.  His experience and devotion to our community has been demonstrated many times over with his successful leadership and management in both the St George Mall and the Washington Board of Realtors.  While these roles have gained him respect from the public and elected officials, I most admire him for his selfless volunteer work.

I worked closely with Vardell on the hospital Governing Board and Foundation Board as local healthcare was growing, advancing and excelling.  I appreciated and respected him for his generosity, intelligence and dedication to a good cause.  He will put many hours and his full capabilities in to continuing to make St. George a beautiful community to live.

Allen Holland, President, Red Rock Companies

It is my pleasure to endorse Vardell Curtis for the 2022 St George City Council. I have had the honor and privilege to work alongside Vardell for many years in the pursuit of enhancing and supporting our community. I have always known Vardell as an open minded, knowledgeable, clear and precise individual. 

Ron Metcalf

I have known Vardell Curtis for many years in the St. George community.  Vardell has demonstrated his knowledge and love of our community through his business dealings and in his many community volunteer efforts.   He is well versed, a great decision maker and has the experience necessary to guide our growing city.  I can wholeheartedly support Vardell in his effort to serve as our city council member. 

Brittany Dell

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Vardell Curtis for the past several years.  He has led the Washington County Boards of Realtors to one of the most successful boards throughout the country with his knowledge and expertise.  He is such a great asset to our community and is honest and ethical in all he does.  Vardell is hard working & straight forward.  He understands our community and will listen to others ideas, wants and needs.  He has great insight and will follow projects through to the end.   I fully support Vardell Curtis as City Council and am proud to endorse him.

Mary Jo (Tode) Hafen

Even though I do not live in the St. George city limits I realize the importance of what happens in St. George for the rest of the county.  I have had the privilege of knowing Vardell for many years and have interacted with him as I served on the Santa Clara City council for many years.  I have found him to be thoughtful, realistic, and dedicated to our Dixie community.

Vardell is smart, level headed, and a valuable asset to the St. George City Council.  I was thrilled when I learned he was appointed and wish I could vote for him as he seeks election for the seat he has been filling.  I would ask those of you that do live in St. George to take a hard look to your choices in November and include Vardell as you vote.

Brent Wade

I had the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Curtis in my religious affiliations as well with inspiring youth in High School.  Mr. Curtis showed me his true colors on many occasions as we discussed challenges the youth face and we face in our community. I found Mr. Curtis’s insights relevant and applicable and many times while working with him I felt his genuine desire to improve people and help them along their way.

I believe Vardell has a level of cooperation that is fair and very needed in leadership roles today

I trust him in making decisions that will motivate others and collectively serve the higher good.

Tammie Richeson

I have had the pleasure of working with Vardell for many years. He has always shown a passion for our community and its members. Working together I saw firsthand the integrity and loyalty he lives by. He is always first in line to lend a helping hand to all in need. He has an incredible knowledge of things and is always helping those around him learn and make improvements for all.

Jeff Morby

I wanted to send this note to you to express my appreciation in your seeking election to the St. George City Council.  Thank you for your service in being appointed to complete Mayor Randell’s council seat and grateful you have decided to run for election by the general public election coming up this year.  I could not pick a better candidate than you, Vardell.  From your appointment as the Executive  Director of the Washington County Board of Realtors some 25 years ago, to your service on the Planning Commission and now your service and introduction to the role and responsibility  as a St George City council member these past months.   What a perfect preparation to continuing your service.  I totally endorse you as a candidate and as a person with all the characteristics that are needed in public service.  Honesty, hard worker, diligent, experience and your desire are just a few of the attributes you have brought and will continue to bring to the St. George City Council.  I wish the best.

Candy Morrison

I have personally known Vardell Curtis for the past 7+ years, in the capacity of the CEO of the Washington County Board of Realtors.  Vardell has effectively handled 1,500+ Realtors and the complexities that accompany that role, by making sure Realtors are conducting themselves honestly, ethically and competently with Sellers and Buyers, and also each other, on a daily basis.  In today’s climate, that is especially difficult.  He cares very much about our city and in my experience as a Realtor, has always methodically looked at situations from all angles and approaches dialog and resolutions in a fair and level-headed manner.  I truly believe it is Vardell’s past experience in this regard that makes him best suited to continue to serve as a member on the St. George City Council. I have no doubt that he will continue to represent the residents of our city with the same effectiveness that has make him an invaluable leader on the Board of Realtors.

Gil & Jill Almquist

Vardell Curtis has been a community leader for over 30 years.  People have relied upon him to get the job done.   As a St. George City Council member this has been especially true.  He is fair, does his homework, cares about citizens and uses his many skills to benefit others.  We fully endorse Vardell Curtis to be elected to the St. George City Council. 

Daren R. Barney

“I admire and appreciate Vardell Curtis.  Over the past 20+ years I have seen Vardell selflessly serve the residents of St. George City and all of Washington County in a variety of capacities.  He has freely given of his time, talents, and energy to enrich and improve the St. George Community.  Vardell is a leader who provides integrity, hard work, vision, and humor.  When confronting difficult issues, He has the unique ability to foster unity and collaboration, rather than division.  I respect Vardell and believe he has the desired qualifications and experience to be a great benefit to the residents of St. George.  I am happy to endorse his candidacy for St. George City Council.”  

Shelley Bracken

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Vardell Curtis for over 20 years. His role as CEO of the Washington County Board of Realtors has placed him in the unique position to study and understand the issues and trends affecting Southern Utah. Include his memberships in a variety of community service organizations and his associations with the business community, Vardell is perfectly positioned to lead out in creating a vision for our city’s future and more importantly, enact steps to ensure objectives are met in a timely manner. His greatest strength is his ability to bring people together to a common purpose to benefit our community. With the explosive growth of the county, Vardell’s steady leadership will be advantageous as we deal with the critical issues of infrastructure, transportation, and water.  Vardell most definitely has my support!

Craig Morley

I endorse Vardell Curtis as a St. George City Councilman. I have known Vardell for many years and have worked with him in various capacities. I have found Vardell to be both knowledgeable and thoughtful. I am confident that he will look out for the citizens of Saint George. Join me in voting for Vardell Curtis for City Council

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